Thursday, July 30, 2009

pentru ca sunt o diva:

kim vine from a pour background. it liked bein adored and peted. all its life it was peted. kim loved bein roun people that went goo goo goo. so he went on to become. kim remembers. he has the memry like uv an elephant. and what he and also it remembers goes like

college uh the best uv times
home arrrrgh hate it
books ok boooks ok books ok books ok
movies so so movies and music so so

it remembers bein cuddled durin college years ooo t was warm
it remembers cold coz she were thin cloth drin winter coz theyre beta lokin
it remember he w e r n t such a bitch back en
ratha gd chap plain drum drum dreamin drum drum
it remembers sun poetry and girls not nasty but pretty not nasty but pretty.

kim remembers goood stuff.
kim plays alon well.
kim iz in tune wit bitterns agin an all.
kim anarchist non.

just sad coz y see remembers
good better than ivil and on
a movie betta than anotha movie
somthin betta than somthin


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